Dog Shower Sprayer

  • $24.95
  • $21.16

The Dog Shower Sprayer is a    hose and hand-held sprayer system that offers the perfect solution for bathing your dog both indoors or outdoors.

Rather than simply being a sprayer-style attachment, this unique tool    also gives you the ability to give your pup a luxurious, sudsy massage while washing them, thanks to the soft exfoliating bristles located on the sprayer.


Comfortable Control - Designed to fit comfortably around your hand, the scrubber can be used to massage the soap and water into your pet’s coat for an optimal clean.

Universal Fit - The attached    watch-style band is designed to hold the cleaning tool securely in place and will fit all hand sizes.

Versatile Use - Easy start and stop technology at the clutch of your hand, an attached 8   -foot-long hose, as well as    three different adapters to connect your tool to a variety of indoor and outdoor spigots, hoses and faucets makes this sprayer the easiest and most convenient way to bathe your beloved pup.